Garden centre visit…

On Friday we walked to Homebase garden Centre. We learnt about different types of plants and learnt what a garden Centre is like. The garden center manager told us about her role and duties. She also told us lots of information about different plants and where to find them in the garden Centre.

Arts & literacy project day 8…

After swimming through the oceans Augustus made his way through the desert. He still couldn’t find his smile. Then it started to rain. Pitter patter…drip…drop …plop…Augustus looked down into a puddle and guess what he found…his SMILE! 😀

We learnt about six of the largest deserts in the world. We learnt about animals who live in the desert and all about cacti’s. We then used the index of an atlas to locate the deserts.

In art we started to paint our reflections. Tomorrow we will be writing our own story about a character who has lost something.

Arts and literacy project day 5…

Augustus swam to the bottom of the deepest oceans and splished and splashed with shoals of tiny, shiny fish but he still didn’t find his smile 🙁

We learnt about the 5 oceans that cover the earth. We then located these on a world map using an atlas. We then created ‘What am I?’ riddles about sea creatures.

We also finished making our birds and did some baking with Mrs Walker in the cafe! These are treats for our family members who come to our celebration assembly on Thursday 29th at 1:30pm.

Where will Augustus take us next on his journey to find his smile?

Arts & literacy project day 3

We are hooking with the book ‘Augustus and his smile’ written by Catherine Rayner. Today we discovered that Augustus the tiger had lost his smile and he was sad so he set off to find it. First He met a beetle under a cluster of bushes but he still couldn’t find his smile. Then
he climbed to the tops of the tallest trees and met some birds. But he still couldn’t find his smile…
Today we created bird puppets; did observational drawings of feathers and wrote speech bubbles of what Augustus might have said to the birds. I wonder where he will go next on his journey?